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About Caroline Banwell

Caroline Banwell (LL.B. Hons.) trained and worked initially as a solicitor for a major London law firm. She has advised a wide variety of clients from SMEs to multinationals and from small primary schools to Cambridge Colleges. As well as considerable knowledge of the business and education sectors, she has also worked extensively for the charity sector and was recommended in the Charities and Not for Profit section of the 2017 Legal 500 for her work heading the Cambridge office employment team at leading charity and education firm, Stone King. Caroline collaborates with other Cambridge HR consultants on project work from time to time. Caroline gives advice through Harmony HR Solutions Limited as an HR consultant and not as a solicitor and Harmony HR Solutions Limited is not regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority. Caroline works as a solicitor for Kesteven Partners Limited which is a law firm regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority.

COVID-19 Advice for UK employers

This advice note is designed to give guidance to UK employers as at 16 March 2020. Further updates will follow if the advice below changes significantly. The following links may be helpful: Public Health England advice for employers NHS advice on COVID-19 UK Government information and advice for employers   Government advice on self-isolation Individuals [...]

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Holiday pay for overtime

  How should organisations calculate holiday pay for those who work overtime? UK law states that all workers must receive 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday each year. According to the European Court of Justice, this means that workers should receive their “normal remuneration” during periods of holiday. This is regardless of what their contractual hours are [...]

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What about Executive Coaching?

Many businesses have found that Executive Coaching is a powerful and effective tool. The coaching process raises self-awareness and unlocks potential to maximise performance, leading to increased self-confidence and reduced anxiety. It allows individuals to grow and flourish within an organisation – or to recognise that the time may be right to move on to [...]

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What are your freelancers entitled to?

What is the effect of the recent cases against Uber, Addison Lee, CitySprint etc? People who work for organisations fall into several categories. From a legal point of view there are three categories: self-employed contractors, workers and employees, a distinction which matters because different categories have different entitlements. Employees have a whole raft of employment [...]

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Failing to renew your sponsorship licence can leave you with a real headache

Employers need a sponsorship licence if they wish to employ migrant workers from outside the EEA in the UK. Sponsorship licences must be renewed in good time otherwise organisations may suddenly have to dismiss their migrant workers leading to significant disruption and damage to staff morale. Who is responsible for your sponsorship licence and its [...]

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Employment Tribunal fees ruled unlawful by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has just ruled that the fee regime introduced in 2013, which brought about a 70% reduction in employment tribunal claims, is unlawful.  Until Unison’s successful appeal to the Supreme Court, employees had to pay £1200 to bring most employment tribunal claims (some tribunal claims, such as claims for deductions from wages, were [...]

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