Why Uber drivers are laughing all the way to court!

Why Uber drivers are laughing all the way to court! The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that Uber drivers are “workers” and therefore entitled the National Minimum Wage and to paid holiday. The result of the decision is catastrophic for Uber, whose share price plummeted on the announcement of the decision. The company now [...]


Holiday pay for overtime

  How should organisations calculate holiday pay for those who work overtime? UK law states that all workers must receive 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday each year. According to the European Court of Justice, this means that workers should receive their “normal remuneration” during periods of holiday. This is regardless of what their contractual hours are [...]


Data Protection is changing – what you need to know

The mention of data protection might mean that your eyelids start drooping but try and stay awake long enough to read this article so that you know what to do before 25 May 2018 when the new data protection rules come into force in the UK. Any business which controls or processes data will need [...]


What about Executive Coaching?

Many businesses have found that Executive Coaching is a powerful and effective tool. The coaching process raises self-awareness and unlocks potential to maximise performance, leading to increased self-confidence and reduced anxiety. It allows individuals to grow and flourish within an organisation – or to recognise that the time may be right to move on to [...]


What are your freelancers entitled to?

What is the effect of the recent cases against Uber, Addison Lee, CitySprint etc? People who work for organisations fall into several categories. From a legal point of view there are three categories: self-employed contractors, workers and employees, a distinction which matters because different categories have different entitlements. Employees have a whole raft of employment [...]


Employment Tribunal fees ruled unlawful by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has just ruled that the fee regime introduced in 2013, which brought about a 70% reduction in employment tribunal claims, is unlawful.  Until Unison’s successful appeal to the Supreme Court, employees had to pay £1200 to bring most employment tribunal claims (some tribunal claims, such as claims for deductions from wages, were [...]


Are your freelancers entitled to holiday pay?

... Yes, if they are “workers”....  What’s a “worker” you might ask. Whilst “workers” were defined way back in 1996 in the Employment Rights Act, the definition seemed to attract little attention for many years. However, thanks to the so-called gig economy we are all getting to grips with its significance now. According to the definition, [...]


Brexit could provide some relief for multi-academy trusts

Following Brexit, various lawyers have considered the implications of the referendum decision on UK employment law. Whilst all are unanimous in the belief that Brexit does not herald the removal of EU generated workplace law such as rights to holiday pay, rest breaks and to equal treatment, there is a theory that the harsh restrictions [...]

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