Friday afternoon at 5pm is no longer time for Crackerjack (apologies for those who are too young to remember that children’s TV show) ……….. it’s the time for the next Furlough Scheme update from the Treasury.

The following headlines were announced:

  • The CJRS will remain open until the end of October 2020.
  • Furloughed employees can return to work part-time from 1 July onwards in which case employers will pay furloughed employees for the time they work (eg. 2 days a week) and claim under the CJRS for time spent furloughed (eg. 3 days a week).
  • Employers can claim the usual 80% of wages plus employer NI and pension contributions for furloughed employees during June and July.
  • From 1 August 2020 employers will be expected to shoulder some of the cost of furloughing, including employers’ NI and pension contributions, as follows:
    • 10% of wages claimed during September
    • 20% of wages claimed during October.
  • The deadline for furloughing an employee under the current CJRS is 10th June 2020 due to the changes being introduced on 1 July.

If you would like to read more about furlough leave, whether you can ask furloughed employees to take holiday, and guidance on bringing your employees back to work, click here.

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