Harmony HR Solutions can assist you with these and other HR matters.

We can provide you with employment documentation including service agreements, contracts or particulars of employment.  We can also provide your organisation with individual policies or a staff handbook.  

Our advice on the number and type of contracts and policies required will be tailored to your organisation’s size and requirements.

Tackling staff absence is perplexing for any employer. We can advise you on dealing with staff absence and assist you to solve recurrent or one-off issues.

If you, your organisation or your staff are faced with allegations of discrimination or harassment, we can assist with any grievance, conciliation process or handling any tribunal claim.

We can advise on grievance and disciplinary issues, guiding you through the process step by step.  We can also carry out investigations and hear appeals on your behalf.

Bringing or being faced with a tribunal claim can be daunting for any employee or employer and inevitably absorbs a considerable amount of time.  We can assist by representing you and guiding you through the process, or by simply advising you on how to handle the process yourself.  We can assess the merits of any claim(s) or potential claim(s) and handle settlement negotiations where appropriate. 

There are many ways in which coaching can help in your organisation. We can help improve leadership and communication skills through coaching emotional intelligence like empathy, self-awareness and managing one’s emotions. We can help staff identify goals and ways of achieving them, supporting the alignment of people’s values and goals and aiding organisation planning. Investing in coaching will make your staff feel valued, motivated and fulfilled. Coaching encourages increased engagement and commitment and minimises conflict in the workplace.

We provide advice on partnership matters, including drafting partnership agreements and advising on partnership disputes.

Ensuring that your staff meet expectations is critical to keeping your organisation on track. We understand how difficult it can be to address underperformance, particularly in small or close-knit organisations.  

We can advise and assist by explaining how to manage performance effectively and fairly.

The TUPE Regulations are designed to protect employees when a business, or part of a business transfers.  

If you are buying or selling a business, or insourcing or outsourcing a business function, we can help you understand your obligations under TUPE and assist you to comply with the TUPE Regulations.  

We can also advise on desired changes post transfer.

If you need to make redundancies or restructure we can guide you through this legally complex area.

We can help with flexible working applications, requests to return part-time after maternity leave, shared parental leave and other queries about family friendly rights.

Conflict in the workplace leads to decreased productivity, increased stress among employees, hampered performance, high turnover rate and absenteeism.  Dealing with conflict at an early stage will save time, money and angst for both you and your staff.

We can assist you to address conflict before it gets out of hand.

All businesses now need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation since it became law in the UK in May 2018. There are very large fines for failing to comply. We can help you amend your documentation and put processes in place so that you are compliant.

We can advise on whistleblowing policies and assist you to deal with complaints under your whistleblowing policy.


Our clients include:

  • SMEs

  • Charities

  • Schools (maintained and private sectors), including academy trusts

  • GP practices

  • Cambridge colleges

  • Individuals working in all sectors